Classic Lashes

Classic Lashes Leah Cheung

1 individual lash onto each of your natural lashes. This creates a natural mascara effect with some added length if desired.

Hybrid Lashes

Hybrid Lashes Leah Cheung

A mix of classic lashes with some volume fans spread throughout to create a slightly fuller but natural look.

2-3D Lashes

2D - 3D Lashes Leah Cheung

2 or 3 extensions onto each natural lash to create a fuller look. It is a light volume effect.

4D Lashes

4D Lashes Leah Cheung

4 extensions onto each natural lash creating a fuller look again.

5D Lashes

5D Lashes Eyelash Extensions

5 extensions onto each natural lash to create a glam effect. This is popular for people who love that full volume effect.

Mega Volume

Mega Volume Lashes

6-10 lashes onto each natural lash to create a very full and dense look.

Eyelash Aftercare

Lash Aftercare steps

Keep your exquisite eyelash extensions looking great for longer by following these simple (but important) steps

Gift Vouchers

Leah Cheung Gift Vouchers

Our Lash Gift Vouchers are the perfect gift for besties, moms, daughters and girlfiends.

Loyalty Card

Loyalty cards

 15% off a removal or full set of lashes when collected 4 stamps! Pick up your loyalty stamps on your next visit.