Terms and Conditions

I understand that there are risks associated with having permanent makeup done. 

I understand that there are risks associated with having eyelash extensions or a lash lift done.

I understand that as part of the procedure irritation, pain, itching discomfort and in rare cases infection may occur. I understand that my artist is using a fresh clean needle for my treatments of semi-permanent/paramedical tattoo.

I understand that the area worked on WILL BE swollen for a couple of days and that I will remember to follow the aftercare needed.

I understand that my permanent makeup will fade at least 40-60% after the first treatment and that I must come in for a top up in order for my makeup to be finished. 

I understand that I might need a 3rd top up if the pigment fades quickly due to my body and the hormones. Everyone’s body healing process is different and this may mean I need to come in for a 3rd top up.

I understand and agree that if I experience any of these issues with my skin I will contact my artist and I’m aware that if I need to consult a physician it is at my own expense. 

I understand and agree to follow the aftercare instructions provided by my artist. Failure to follow the aftercare instructions may cause infection to my brows/lip blush/eyeliner. In order to look after my permanent makeup, I will follow the aftercare provided by my artist.

I understand that I will need to be lying in a reclined position. Any medical conditions that might be aggravated by lying still for a prolonged period of time may mean that I will not be able to have the procedure performed on my skin.

I release my artist Leah Cheung from all liability associated with this procedure. There are no guarantees that infection won’t occur but that I will do my best to look after my brows/lips/eyeliner/eyelash treatments. Our company or salon is not responsible for any technician errors. 

I give permission for my before and after photos to be used on social media for promotional purposes. I understand that I have been advised to follow the aftercare protocol from my technician so as to avoid any discomfort or adverse side effects after the procedure has been completed. 

I understand that my technician has done what they can to make the salon a safe place due to Covid-19 by providing suitable PPE for both client and technician.