The Law of Attraction is REAL! Be careful what you wish for…LITERALLY!

Ever since becoming more in tune with my surroundings and my soul I feel so much more love towards everything…and I mean everything. I’m thankful for the food I have, I’m thankful for the warm clothes I have, I’m thankful for the technology that connects me to people around the world. I have just become a lot more thankful.

I have to thank myself too for allowing myself to be open and wanting to learn more. I don’t find myself procrastinating anymore and I am looking after myself more. This all came with my interest in the teachings of the Law of attraction and manifestation.

The quote ‘Our thoughts become things’ from the book ‘The Secret’ has big truth to that. Everything that we think of, we can manifest into our reality. The big gift that we have received in accordance with this is TIME. Imagine we manifested everything we thought about though, it would be MAYHEM!

So, the universe has blessed us with time first so we can reassess what we are thinking about to if we REALLY GENUINELY want it in our lives. So, if you think of something every single day and really visualize it then it WILL manifest. This is the beauty of the magick.

We can rethink if we really want something and if we visualize it every day and focus our intentions on it, it then will become a reality. You just need to release the HOW and the WHEN it will happen. The Universe will handle that.

I recommend reading the book ‘The Secret’ because it explains in so much more detail about how the Law of Attraction is. And once you open the book, your life begins to change.

I’m learning every single day about new topics and new teachings in regard to the Law of Attraction, but the main message is really so simple….What you think about, you bring about.

So, if you’re constantly looking on the negative side of things and always thinking that life is against you and theres nothing good about life, then YOU HAVE BEEN ATTRACTING ALL OF THE NEGATIVE EMOTIONS AND THOUGHTS YOU HAVE BEEN FEELING INTO YOUR 3D REALITY!

You say something bad to someone, you flip someone off, you beep at someone who is stressing you out in traffic, then your entire day will continue to give you bad outcomes because you LITERALLY ATTRACTED IT!

The Universe doesn’t label what is ‘good’ or ‘bad’….if your vibrations are giving out a signal to the universe of how you are feeling that particular day then the Universe is giving you back what you give out!

Think about it, the moment you change your emotions and flip the switch to a positive outlook, positive things will have to come your way.

Leah x