Ah yes, welcome to 2021!

The birds are singing in the trees, the sun is shining down on a brighter future for us all. Better days and more prosperous opportunities and adventures are only just around the corner at this stage…

However, we still have a tough few months to battle against.

We still have to get through this next lockdown and kick this virus to the curb. Lots of us will find the next few weeks and months difficult to deal with.

But not me. And there’s a very good reason for this.

The best way to explain it is to put it to you like this..

Ask ten people where their dream holiday or city break destination would be, and I would guess roughly six or seven of those people will respond with New York City.


The lights.

The atmosphere.

The buzz.

The drama.

The people.

The ABUNDANCE of positive energy.

I personally haven’t been to New York, but you can bet your ass I’ll be there one day.

There’s a reason so many of us long to visit this city. The energy is unparalleled in comparison with everywhere else, due to phenomenal vibrations from its residents and amenities.

You’re probably wondering why the hell I’m babbling on about the ‘Big Apple’ though, when this blog is supposed to be about one of the most pivotal universal laws…


If the well maligned and world famous law of attraction is the starring student, think of the law of vibration as the highly influential parent that taught it everything it knows.

The law of vibration suggests that absolutely nothing in our lives rests, everything around us, including ourselves, are constantly vibrating and in motion.

Bob Proctor said it well when he described us as living in an “ocean of motion”.


If you truly implement the 12 laws of the universe into your life, you will understand the impact of that quote.

Now, think of it like this, because understanding this is how to unlock the power behind the law.

Everything in the universe is made up of energy, energy which is constantly moving and vibrating at different frequencies.

When I say everything, I mean EVERYTHING.

The food you eat.

The chair you’re probably sitting on now.

And yes, YOU. WE. US.

We are literally walking, talking bundles of energy that never ever stop vibrating.

Funny, huh?

SO, having said that,

Ever wonder why you just don’t click with that one person, or that new job isn’t going as great as you’d hope?

Or to flip that, how you and a certain someone have become inseparable? And how you believe you’ve found your dream job because of how much you love it?

This is because YOUR energy is equaling the energy of said other being/job/scenario/anything!!

Your frequencies match.

You can’t force that friendship because you and the other person are operating at different frequency levels.

I mean, even if you’re not a spiritual person.

Or don’t believe in anything I’m saying,

Or think I’m talking utter s***,

You cannot argue with energy, frequencies and vibration.

It is literally science, bruh.

So, if you’re not on these spiritual vibes, throw on your science cap and get on board with what I’m tryna tell you.

In order to attract (law of attraction, see what I did there hehe) what you want, you gotta match the frequency of what you’re after.

This is why the law of vibration is secretly the law of attraction on steroids.

Implement the law of vibration into your life and you WILL see success, quote me on that.

Your attraction starts with vibration, it starts with matching the frequency of what you’re after.

It starts with you.

Signs from the Universe

Have you vowed that 2021 is going to be YOUR YEAR? I have anyway. It’s time to get going with your goals and realise that every single day is a new opportunity to become someone greater than before. Maybe you’re becoming interested in asking for signs from the universe? Maybe you have become in love with reading more self help books? Or maybe you are just watching all of these Youtube videos on bettering yourself and asking for signs from the universe?

If it’s all of the above then I applaud you for beginning to make the change. All of us want something better from our jobs or ourselves as human beings. We ask the question of ‘Why am I here?’ But maybe don’t get the answer we were hoping for.

I’m here to talk to you today about asking for signs from the Universe and how to recognise that it is a sign you are getting!

So, let’s begin firstly with this….do you meditate? Do you spend time with yourself and observe your thoughts or are you a go go go person who doesn’t even leave their phone outside of the bathroom but instead spends time scrolling when you finished your business 3 minutes ago. TIME TO STOP THAT!

You NEED to spend more time with your thoughts. You NEED to get into meditation. Because I am telling you right now, not 1 person that I have talked to about meditation has a bad thing to say about it.

The times I have heard people saying bad things about it, are the people who firstly, HAVE NEVER DONE IT, and secondly, did it once and clicked on a video that was 1 hour long so they gave up 3 minutes in.


If you want to get signs and answers from the universe, you have to begin to listen to yourself. Listen to your thoughts. Listen to the voice in your head telling you things. Sit down and just observe what is happening in your mind.

You don’t have to spend 1 hour a day on meditation. Start off small and spend 3 minutes simply listening to the sounds around you. Any thoughts that come through, let them slide by. Acknowledge them and send them off.

When you have started this and began listening, then you can ask the universe for sign. Maybe asking if you’re on the right path, if you should quit your job, if you should break up with your partner. YOU CAN ASK ANYTHING and I can guarantee you will get an answer.

Be specific with your question. For example, ‘Dear universe, please give me a sign of a robin that I am on the right path within the next 24 hours’ and then if you see a picture, a painting or a physical robin….well then there is your sign.

It doesn’t always have to be a robin, it can be ABSOLUTELY ANYTHING! As long as you set your intention, ask your question and believe that you will have your question answered. Let it go, let it out into the universe. Don’t worry about the ‘WHEN’ or the ‘HOW’. Let the universe handle that.

You just need to focus on the ‘WHAT’.

To Chase your Dreams

Chase your dreams. Sounds beautiful. Sounds doable. Sounds like something that a motivational speaker would say, right?

What makes someone chase their dreams?

Is it the financial freedom? Is it the freedom to listen to yourself and only your inner voice? Is it to live the life your fellow peers are slagging you about? Why do we even listen to the naysayers anyway?

What makes us chase the things we imagine, we think of, we dream of? It is something that has been said for thousands of years. Only a certain percentage of people actually go and do it. But why is that?

Is it the pressure to succeed? Is it the slagging of your family and friends? Is it the disbelief of them? Or is it the disbelief you have of your abilities?

I will tell you right now, it may be everything I have just said. But when I tell you that chasing your dreams and following your gut can create the life you want without any shadow of a doubt, I know I am right. Stop the disbelief.

Do you think that Martin Luther King staying silent in the noise of racism would of helped anyone for generations to come? NO, he paved the way for generations to come to stand up against racism, as did Rosa Parks.

Listen to your inner voice. Listen to your soul. If you want it, GET OUT THERE AND DO IT.

There is nothing bad that will happen if you don’t try, and even if something bad happens, then you have already cleared one obstacle that can help you in the future to come.

Live life, love life, feel life.

These are the sayings we always hear but bat them off our shoulders. Stop batting them away, feel them, say them, feed off them.

You are going to embrace the dreams, the happiness and the solitude that comes with chasing your dreams.

Do it. Just go and do it. Ask for help. Listen to others, but most importantly, listen to you.


That you just don’t know about yet…

After writing the blog surrounding the 12 laws of the universe recently, I knew I couldn’t give them the justice they deserve in just a couple of lines.
These laws contain far too much power and energy to be fully explained within a short synopsis.

So when the opportunity arose to write about any law of my choice, I couldn’t say no.
However, it was tough. Trying to decide one law amongst the twelve was a challenging task.

I’ve decided upon one of the strongest laws though in my humble opinion, and one that I truly believe has the capabilities of becoming a superpower for you if you utilize it correctly.

This said law, is the law of perpetual transmutation of energy.

Ugh, English please?

Basically, this law is the taking in of some form of energy and changing/adapting it to make it greater for you. Pretty crazy right?
I personally owe a lot to this law.

Ever since I started implementing it into my daily life, I noticed a serious uptake in my mood, my relationships and my conversations, to say the least. This law is for any of you out there who deploy unparalleled levels of positivity every day, but still struggle to contain the slightly more negative energy sources in your life.
Whether these people be work related, family members or friends you sometimes don’t see eye to eye with.
We all know that feeling of going through your day with a massive smile on your face, beaming from ear to ear, but there’s just that one person that still (intentionally or unintentionally) tries to bring you down.

Well I’m here to tell you that there is indeed an answer to your problems.


No more will you have to take any grief or negativity from that one guy in the office who always passes below the belt remarks to you, or from your aunt down the road who questions everything you do (rough examples, of course).
You see, by using the law of perpetual transmutation of energy, you can take in their energy and put it to good use.

I feel like the best way to describe the benefits of this law is to tell a quick personal story.
A pretty good example would be when I worked as a cashier for McDonald’s when I was just a budding bright-eyed and bushy-tailed youngster.

It was not unusual for me to be serving a customer who may not always see eye to eye with how the local McDonald’s conducted their business. (i.e. impatient customers who thought everyone who worked there was incompetent, which is certainly not true).

I particularly remember one lady who was quite upset (to put it kindly) that the ice cream machine was out of order after announcing she wanted a Sundae to wrap up her meal.
This was coupled with the ‘lunch hour rush’, where the queues would quite often be out the door.
We were told as employees to keep the line going as quick as possible, and as a beginner to the working world I was definitely finding it all overwhelming.

Tensions came to a head as this lady aggressively exclaimed something along the lines of “I’m not sure if it’s your trainer’s fault or your’s, but perhaps you shouldn’t be taking orders and left
in the kitchen instead.”

My manager at the time happened to pick up on the conversation, and was quick to intervene and he carefully approached the woman in question…
“Good afternoon, Miss! I’m very sorry to hear you have an issue with one of our newer employees. I know him well now at this stage and I’m sure he does not mean to cause any disruption to your meal. May I ask how you would have trained our employees should you be in my position?”

The woman began to outline some processes which could help my development, to which my manager replied that these processes were indeed already a part of my training setup.

The woman quickly began to lower her tone, speak more gently and ultimately deploy slightly more kindness towards myself and my manager at the time.

I was absolutely gobsmacked.

I’d never seen something so effective and so brilliant before.
No, it was not just down to the manager on the day. Yes, he is a cool and composed guy which definitely helped.
But I’ve seen this law work multiple times ever since, particularly in a working environment where tensions can boil a bit quicker than other environments.

If I were to ask my manager now was he even aware that he was deploying a universal law, he would probably say no.
However, when you are aware of the law and its benefits, it changes everything.

I could name a hundred different examples I’ve experienced first hand and from others, but I’ll never forget that first day I really saw it in action and its power.

Again, I owe a lot to this law as it’s allowed me to stay happy and positive practically all the time.

I receive my fair share of negativity just like everyone else, but it’s my ability to deal with it which allows me to bounce back effectively.

I highly encourage you all reading to dig a little deeper into this law and see how it could benefit you too if it doesn’t already.

Jack Murphy, @jacomurphy

‘I Can’t Afford That’ mindset.

Ever gone into a shop or wanted to get a treatment done but said to yourself “that’s too expensive”?

Well now I’m going to stop you and slap you on the wrist! Why? Because the minute you keep saying something is “too expensive” you’re then putting it out there to the universe that you can’t and WON’T ever be able to afford it!

Think of your rich babe self, is she/he going to think something is “too expensive”? NO because they are going to buy it because they WANT IT!

You are able to afford ANYTHING you want if you really think about’ve just been restricting how much money you are open to receiving.

When you say something is too expensive then the universe is saying ‘oh they think that’s expensive? Well then they obviously dont want it so let’s keep making things seem expensive for them!’
I swear this is literally what the universe is saying.

Be open to receiving money and be open to the endless possibilities that the universe can bring you.

It’s as simple as that.

Manifesting is easy.

Stop restricting yourself just because other people are saying something is “too pricey”.

If you want it, go and get it!

Have you heard about our Online Courses?

Struggling to find time to travel for a course? Are you DYING to become qualified in lashes but want to learn from someone you know? Have you been waiting to change your life into a more positive and fun one?

Look no further!

We now provide online beginner lash courses for those who want to learn the art of Lashes but are finding it hard to travel long distances!

You are going to get so much benefits from this, I promise!

You get a basic kit included worth over 100 euro sent to you to get you started on your journey.

You will learn:

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  • Setting up your business


You could have the potential to earn your business 70,000 a year by dedicating yourself to up levelling your game.

Why not invest in yourself?

What is stopping you? If it’s money then you’re in the wrong mindset my friend. Money is ALL AROUND US! You are never going to be short of money IF YOU JUST ALLOW IT TO COME TO YOU!

Invest in yourself today for a brighter and better future.

Life is great and so are you!

Feeling stuck at the moment?

What’s on your mind? Has this year been a mentally tough one for you?
It’s time to sit down with your thoughts and actually dig down into what is really bothering you.

I recently had a lady tell me that she doesn’t want to do meditation as she was afraid to be alone with her thoughts...this made me really upset because I wanted to understand what was making her feel this way but unfortunately that is not my place to know.

It is up to ourselves to change our mindset and no matter what some people say and do to help, the choice and decision is ours to make.

If you want a better outlook on life but dont want to listen or read the self help books out there, then that’s on you…nothing will change.
If you want to live the life of your dreams but spend all day on the couch watching netflix, then that’s on you…nothing will change.It’s time we start thinking about what is buried deep within our subconscious mind that is affecting us on our daily lives.

I’ve had the best year of my life and I feel as though everyone is just following the crowd by saying ‘Awh it’s such a shit year’, but is it really or are you attracting shit things happening to you because you’re believing everyone else saying it was a bad year.

The universe gives us obstacles and challenges so we may learn and grow. If we didn’t, we would literally die.

If you’re scared to go out and do that thing you have always wanted to, then go and do it, what is stopping you? Money? No it’s not because you will ALWAYS have money and support. Time? Eh no you have ALL THE TIME IN THE WORLD, and you’re wasting it being on your phone instead of taking action.

It’s time to tell your mindset to grow up and start taking action to have the better life you have always dreamed of!

Book that flight, break up with that partner, quit your job, apply for that job, DO WHAT IT TAKES TO HAVE A HAPPIER LIFE, because once you put out to the universe that you want change, it will give you change…believe me.

Our First Brand Ambassador

Introducing our FIRST EVER Brand Ambassador for Leah Cheung Eyelash Extensions.

I’ve been very excited to announce this to you all! It was time that we introduced Nina Williams, our brand ambassador!

Nina is 21 years old with a huge following on YouTube of almost 13,000!

Glam is her middle name and so that’s what we give her with her lashes! Mega Volume is a must have for this lady.

She does massive clothing hauls, ‘Get Ready With Me’ videos, makeup and styling tutorials and is an overall cool gal!

She is also a model for Runaway Bride based in Wexford Town, a woman full of talents and it won’t end there.

Nina has her very own discount code which gives you 10% off the website on ANY PRODUCTS OR COURSES.

Go check out her page and let’s give her a big WELCOME.

Instagram – @ninamaywilliams

YouTube – Nina Williams

These 12 Laws of the Universe will COMPLETELY ENHANCE Your Life

No matter what your age, your job, the standard of your relationships or your outlook on life, we are faced with challenges and questions to answer on a daily basis.

I would be shocked if you didn’t have a decision to make every single minute of the day, no matter how miniscule they may seem.

All these decisions can easily compound (especially the larger ones) to create feelings of doubt and negativity, and it can often seem like you are fighting a constant uphill battle…

However, you contain so much more power than you think.

I’m sure by now, most of you reading this will have heard of that all powerful phrase ‘the law of attraction’.

But how many of you reading this knew that this is only 1 of 12 other laws that the universe has created for us?

Let’s dive in and take a closer look at what each law means, and how they can each positively impact our lives…

●     1. The Law of Divine Oneness – This law promotes the idea that we are all connected to one source. Everything that we do, day by day, affects the collective consciousness of the entire universe. I.e. when we do something that makes others happier, it brings us greater joy too.

  • 2. Law of Vibration – This law is practically the same as the law of attraction, and is centered around the idea that every thought we make vibrates and sends signals. These signals are then attracted by matching signals. More on that later.

●     3. Law of Correspondence – This is an incredibly powerful law that states the world around us is just a reflection of our inner selves. The quote “We become what we behold. We shape our tools and then our tools shape us” by Marshall McLuhan springs to mind. Really think about that one…

●     4. Law of Attraction – Ah yes, the good ol’ classic we all know and love. The law of attraction basically says that whatever we want in life, we can get through true focus and magnetism. Positivity attracts positivity. When you truly believe in the law of attraction it’s not hard to understand.

●     5. Law of Inspired Action – This law is fantastic when combined with each other individual law. It tells us that yes, the law of attraction, vibration etc is incredibly important, but we need to take inspired action also. Inspired actions are actions we take almost without thinking as they are associated with what makes us happy and fulfilled.

●     6. Law of Perpetual Transmutation of Energy – Oh yes, this is a great one *insert evil laugh here*. This law is all about bending and adapting the energy you receive to make it work in your favour. What I mean by that is if you receive negative energy from someone, the law is using this negative energy in a positive way. Perhaps it will teach you a lesson, or inform you of how you shouldn’t be treated. Either way, this law is very useful.

●     7. The Law of Cause and Effect – If you believe in the mantra “everything happens for a reason”, then this law is definitely up your alley. It states that for every cause, there is a definite effect and vise versa. This law proclaims that nothing ever happens by accident and there is a reason why basically everything happens. Karma lovers, this one’s for you too.

●     8. The Law of Compensation – This is probably the most comforting law, as it states that no matter what, you will be compensated for your efforts, no matter how big or small. Worrying about consistently being a good citizen but getting nothing in return? Worry no more. If you believe in this law, you know that you will be rewarded.

●     9. Law of Relativity – This law is really quite intriguing, and even the biggest of cynics can probably comprehend it. The idea of this law is that nothing can be truly judged when it is in isolation, and can only be judged when compared to something else. If you meet someone new, you may form a decent first impression, but your idea of the person becomes much clearer when you see how the person behaves amongst others. I mean, it’s true.

●     10. Law of Polarity – The law of polarity states that everything has an opposite, a duo, a pair, but these opposites are also identical in nature. This makes sense when taking someone who has been diagnosed with bi-polar. It is the same human, the same subject matter, but altering emotions at times.

●     11. Law of Rhythm – This law states that everything in the universe ebbs and flows, if something swings to the right it must swing to the left and if something goes up, it must come back down, to maintain order in the universe. This may seem to counter the ‘law of attraction’ in some ways, but if your intentions are strong it is better to relax into where the universe is pulling you.

●     12. Law of Gender – Finally, we have the law of gender. This has absolutely nothing to do with being male or female, but rather the fact that we all as humans have both masculine and feminine energy within us, that is displayed in varying quantities. Some people may swing to either side of the pendulum but both energies have their distinct advantages.

And there we have it, the 12 laws that when meticulously considered and accounted for, can drastically shape and improve our lives.

I for one have seen a dramatic uptake in my life ever since giving the laws slightly more consideration.

It doesn’t have to be some sort of crazy analysis, just bare in mind they do exist, and they really can help improve your lives.

Should you decide this to be an interesting enough topic, what ‘law’ would you like to see discussed in more detail?

Jack Murphy

Instagram – @jacomurphy

Should you join a Book Club?

Do you like to read?

Do you enjoy the relaxation and time away from reality? Are you already in a book club? What’s your favourite type of book?

Are you interested in joining my online Facebook Book Club group? This is where members all have a goal of reading 1 book that is recommended by another member of the group and then the torch is passed on each month!

I personally thought it was a great idea and that’s why I created a space where people can branch out on their interests of different genres of books and broaden their mind!

This months book is ‘Susan Jeffers ‘Feel the Fear and Do it Anyway’ and so far I AM LOVING IT! At the end of this month of reading, the torch will then be handed over to someone else and they will then recommend a book of their choice for the group to read, and so on and so forth!

It’s a fun way to try different types of books because sometimes if you’re reading the same type of book the whole time, it can get repetitive. It’s good to mix it up!

If you want to join my FREE online book club then heres the link! Just click the link and answer the questions. IT’S THAT SIMPLE !

It’s also a bit of fun so don’t worry, you won’t be shunned if you don’t read a book!


You can listen to an audiobook either. Just as long as you’re trying to better yourself and create new habits to keep life fun!

Leah x