‘I Can’t Afford That’ mindset.

Ever gone into a shop or wanted to get a treatment done but said to yourself “that’s too expensive”?

Well now I’m going to stop you and slap you on the wrist! Why? Because the minute you keep saying something is “too expensive” you’re then putting it out there to the universe that you can’t and WON’T ever be able to afford it!

Think of your rich babe self, is she/he going to think something is “too expensive”? NO because they are going to buy it because they WANT IT!

You are able to afford ANYTHING you want if you really think about it..you’ve just been restricting how much money you are open to receiving.

When you say something is too expensive then the universe is saying ‘oh they think that’s expensive? Well then they obviously dont want it so let’s keep making things seem expensive for them!’
I swear this is literally what the universe is saying.

Be open to receiving money and be open to the endless possibilities that the universe can bring you.

It’s as simple as that.

Manifesting is easy.

Stop restricting yourself just because other people are saying something is “too pricey”.

If you want it, go and get it!