That you just don’t know about yet…

After writing the blog surrounding the 12 laws of the universe recently, I knew I couldn’t give them the justice they deserve in just a couple of lines.
These laws contain far too much power and energy to be fully explained within a short synopsis.

So when the opportunity arose to write about any law of my choice, I couldn’t say no.
However, it was tough. Trying to decide one law amongst the twelve was a challenging task.

I’ve decided upon one of the strongest laws though in my humble opinion, and one that I truly believe has the capabilities of becoming a superpower for you if you utilize it correctly.

This said law, is the law of perpetual transmutation of energy.

Ugh, English please?

Basically, this law is the taking in of some form of energy and changing/adapting it to make it greater for you. Pretty crazy right?
I personally owe a lot to this law.

Ever since I started implementing it into my daily life, I noticed a serious uptake in my mood, my relationships and my conversations, to say the least. This law is for any of you out there who deploy unparalleled levels of positivity every day, but still struggle to contain the slightly more negative energy sources in your life.
Whether these people be work related, family members or friends you sometimes don’t see eye to eye with.
We all know that feeling of going through your day with a massive smile on your face, beaming from ear to ear, but there’s just that one person that still (intentionally or unintentionally) tries to bring you down.

Well I’m here to tell you that there is indeed an answer to your problems.


No more will you have to take any grief or negativity from that one guy in the office who always passes below the belt remarks to you, or from your aunt down the road who questions everything you do (rough examples, of course).
You see, by using the law of perpetual transmutation of energy, you can take in their energy and put it to good use.

I feel like the best way to describe the benefits of this law is to tell a quick personal story.
A pretty good example would be when I worked as a cashier for McDonald’s when I was just a budding bright-eyed and bushy-tailed youngster.

It was not unusual for me to be serving a customer who may not always see eye to eye with how the local McDonald’s conducted their business. (i.e. impatient customers who thought everyone who worked there was incompetent, which is certainly not true).

I particularly remember one lady who was quite upset (to put it kindly) that the ice cream machine was out of order after announcing she wanted a Sundae to wrap up her meal.
This was coupled with the ‘lunch hour rush’, where the queues would quite often be out the door.
We were told as employees to keep the line going as quick as possible, and as a beginner to the working world I was definitely finding it all overwhelming.

Tensions came to a head as this lady aggressively exclaimed something along the lines of “I’m not sure if it’s your trainer’s fault or your’s, but perhaps you shouldn’t be taking orders and left
in the kitchen instead.”

My manager at the time happened to pick up on the conversation, and was quick to intervene and he carefully approached the woman in question…
“Good afternoon, Miss! I’m very sorry to hear you have an issue with one of our newer employees. I know him well now at this stage and I’m sure he does not mean to cause any disruption to your meal. May I ask how you would have trained our employees should you be in my position?”

The woman began to outline some processes which could help my development, to which my manager replied that these processes were indeed already a part of my training setup.

The woman quickly began to lower her tone, speak more gently and ultimately deploy slightly more kindness towards myself and my manager at the time.

I was absolutely gobsmacked.

I’d never seen something so effective and so brilliant before.
No, it was not just down to the manager on the day. Yes, he is a cool and composed guy which definitely helped.
But I’ve seen this law work multiple times ever since, particularly in a working environment where tensions can boil a bit quicker than other environments.

If I were to ask my manager now was he even aware that he was deploying a universal law, he would probably say no.
However, when you are aware of the law and its benefits, it changes everything.

I could name a hundred different examples I’ve experienced first hand and from others, but I’ll never forget that first day I really saw it in action and its power.

Again, I owe a lot to this law as it’s allowed me to stay happy and positive practically all the time.

I receive my fair share of negativity just like everyone else, but it’s my ability to deal with it which allows me to bounce back effectively.

I highly encourage you all reading to dig a little deeper into this law and see how it could benefit you too if it doesn’t already.

Jack Murphy, @jacomurphy