To Chase your Dreams

Chase your dreams. Sounds beautiful. Sounds doable. Sounds like something that a motivational speaker would say, right?

What makes someone chase their dreams?

Is it the financial freedom? Is it the freedom to listen to yourself and only your inner voice? Is it to live the life your fellow peers are slagging you about? Why do we even listen to the naysayers anyway?

What makes us chase the things we imagine, we think of, we dream of? It is something that has been said for thousands of years. Only a certain percentage of people actually go and do it. But why is that?

Is it the pressure to succeed? Is it the slagging of your family and friends? Is it the disbelief of them? Or is it the disbelief you have of your abilities?

I will tell you right now, it may be everything I have just said. But when I tell you that chasing your dreams and following your gut can create the life you want without any shadow of a doubt, I know I am right. Stop the disbelief.

Do you think that Martin Luther King staying silent in the noise of racism would of helped anyone for generations to come? NO, he paved the way for generations to come to stand up against racism, as did Rosa Parks.

Listen to your inner voice. Listen to your soul. If you want it, GET OUT THERE AND DO IT.

There is nothing bad that will happen if you don’t try, and even if something bad happens, then you have already cleared one obstacle that can help you in the future to come.

Live life, love life, feel life.

These are the sayings we always hear but bat them off our shoulders. Stop batting them away, feel them, say them, feed off them.

You are going to embrace the dreams, the happiness and the solitude that comes with chasing your dreams.

Do it. Just go and do it. Ask for help. Listen to others, but most importantly, listen to you.