Signs from the Universe

Have you vowed that 2021 is going to be YOUR YEAR? I have anyway. It’s time to get going with your goals and realise that every single day is a new opportunity to become someone greater than before. Maybe you’re becoming interested in asking for signs from the universe? Maybe you have become in love with reading more self help books? Or maybe you are just watching all of these Youtube videos on bettering yourself and asking for signs from the universe?

If it’s all of the above then I applaud you for beginning to make the change. All of us want something better from our jobs or ourselves as human beings. We ask the question of ‘Why am I here?’ But maybe don’t get the answer we were hoping for.

I’m here to talk to you today about asking for signs from the Universe and how to recognise that it is a sign you are getting!

So, let’s begin firstly with this….do you meditate? Do you spend time with yourself and observe your thoughts or are you a go go go person who doesn’t even leave their phone outside of the bathroom but instead spends time scrolling when you finished your business 3 minutes ago. TIME TO STOP THAT!

You NEED to spend more time with your thoughts. You NEED to get into meditation. Because I am telling you right now, not 1 person that I have talked to about meditation has a bad thing to say about it.

The times I have heard people saying bad things about it, are the people who firstly, HAVE NEVER DONE IT, and secondly, did it once and clicked on a video that was 1 hour long so they gave up 3 minutes in.


If you want to get signs and answers from the universe, you have to begin to listen to yourself. Listen to your thoughts. Listen to the voice in your head telling you things. Sit down and just observe what is happening in your mind.

You don’t have to spend 1 hour a day on meditation. Start off small and spend 3 minutes simply listening to the sounds around you. Any thoughts that come through, let them slide by. Acknowledge them and send them off.

When you have started this and began listening, then you can ask the universe for sign. Maybe asking if you’re on the right path, if you should quit your job, if you should break up with your partner. YOU CAN ASK ANYTHING and I can guarantee you will get an answer.

Be specific with your question. For example, ‘Dear universe, please give me a sign of a robin that I am on the right path within the next 24 hours’ and then if you see a picture, a painting or a physical robin….well then there is your sign.

It doesn’t always have to be a robin, it can be ABSOLUTELY ANYTHING! As long as you set your intention, ask your question and believe that you will have your question answered. Let it go, let it out into the universe. Don’t worry about the ‘WHEN’ or the ‘HOW’. Let the universe handle that.

You just need to focus on the ‘WHAT’.