Feeling stuck at the moment?

What’s on your mind? Has this year been a mentally tough one for you?
It’s time to sit down with your thoughts and actually dig down into what is really bothering you.

I recently had a lady tell me that she doesn’t want to do meditation as she was afraid to be alone with her thoughts...this made me really upset because I wanted to understand what was making her feel this way but unfortunately that is not my place to know.

It is up to ourselves to change our mindset and no matter what some people say and do to help, the choice and decision is ours to make.

If you want a better outlook on life but dont want to listen or read the self help books out there, then that’s on you…nothing will change.
If you want to live the life of your dreams but spend all day on the couch watching netflix, then that’s on you…nothing will change.It’s time we start thinking about what is buried deep within our subconscious mind that is affecting us on our daily lives.

I’ve had the best year of my life and I feel as though everyone is just following the crowd by saying ‘Awh it’s such a shit year’, but is it really or are you attracting shit things happening to you because you’re believing everyone else saying it was a bad year.

The universe gives us obstacles and challenges so we may learn and grow. If we didn’t, we would literally die.

If you’re scared to go out and do that thing you have always wanted to, then go and do it, what is stopping you? Money? No it’s not because you will ALWAYS have money and support. Time? Eh no you have ALL THE TIME IN THE WORLD, and you’re wasting it being on your phone instead of taking action.

It’s time to tell your mindset to grow up and start taking action to have the better life you have always dreamed of!

Book that flight, break up with that partner, quit your job, apply for that job, DO WHAT IT TAKES TO HAVE A HAPPIER LIFE, because once you put out to the universe that you want change, it will give you change…believe me.