Why you should listen to my Podcast!

I recently started a podcast channel and I am completely in love with sharing my thoughts and ideas to people all around the world. I’ve even got people listening from France and Mexico! How crazy!

I started it out for fun so I could share with people my thoughts, aspirations and advice but the amount of people texting me saying they enjoyed listening and that they got some valuable insights or information from it was insane.

I never realized how fun it would be to set up my own podcast channel but here we are! I started out on Youtube about 2 years ago, but I felt I was too shy (yes me, too shy!) to whip my camera out in public and start chatting but with the podcasts I found it so much more warming and easier to do it from the comfort of my own home or car sometimes haha!

I talk about a range of different topics from spirituality to business talk and how to get more clients. I talk a lot about raising your vibration and creating a more positive mindset in my podcast to help you realise your worth.

I want to help you become proud of the person you came out to be through all of life stresses. I also talk about how I opened my business and all the tips and tricks you can use to become a successful entrepreneur in the 21st century.

I am proud of who I have become and I want to help you realise that life is great AND SO ARE YOU!

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Thank you all and love you lots,

Leah x