Is it important to clean your lashes?

If you get eyelash extensions then you need to be cleaning them, end of.

You get your lashes done, you feel amazing and boujee. Your lash artist then tells you to clean your lashes frequently to keep them clean and fresh. But you convince yourself that ‘they must be clean though after my showers obviously because I dont let the water touch my eyes AT ALL!’

What if I told you, you were doing it wrong after all this time and thats why your lashes aren’t as fluffy or as fresh as the lady down the street with constant beautiful lashes!

You’ve been told not to get your lashes wet….but this is only for the first 24 hours and then it is VITALLY important to cleanse your lashes at least 3-4 times a week to get all the dead skin cells and build up of oils along the lash line. Its like not washing your hair for 3 weeks….3 WEEKS!! How would you expect your hair to look after 3 weeks of no cleansing….Its the exact same as your lashes!

Cleansing your lashes actually helps them last longer too because you’re getting rid of all the things that is ultimately causing them to fall out quicker. Its all logic so think about it!

When lash artists recommend a lash cleanser, its genuinely because its important for the health of your natural lashes and the sustainability of your extensions. Lash cleansers are not expensive, they last months, they help maintain the health of your natural lashes and they help your extensions last too (along with proper aftercare of course)! I mean, come on, why wouldn’t you want to take care of your lashes?

Lash cleansing kits are on sale in the salon for 10 euro per kit, which involves a foaming bottle, a cleansing brush and a cleansing sachet. If you run out of cleansing sachets, they are only 2 euro per sachet….A BARGAIN HELLO?