Positivity is on the rise in the World of Social Media!

Isn’t it amazing?!

We are seeing so much positive quotes and newsletters being spread throughout social media so much more than ever before! This is great right? Or maybe you’ve been feeling a bit under pressure with all of these feel good vibes and quotes being thrown out to us on a daily basis.

You see them the minute you wake up, to the minute you go to bed and now you feel the need to always be happy now?

I’ve been thinking about this more since I’ve had my spiritual awakening and I personally love seeing all the positive quotes and positive vibes people are sending to each other or posting online….but maybe to someone that is having trouble with their mindset might feel that they now HAVE TO be positive, if this makes sense?

The only thing I can give as advice to someone, this could be you, who is feeling under pressure to start becoming more positive even when they feel they don’t want to be, is maybe this is the universe or higher power trying to give signs that maybe it’s time to get out of that rut and start working on yourself and your mindset so that when you see these posts and quotes that you won’t feel annoyed, but you will feel calm and released.

This probably wasn’t the advice you were hoping to hear but maybe it was something YOU NEEDED to hear. Why do you not want to become the better version of you? Why do you want to stay in this conditioned mindset that ‘everything is hard’ and ‘nothing comes easy’?

It’s not making you or anyone else for that matter feel better in themselves, so why not take the better and lighter root of taking on your negative mindset and punching them in the face.

Time to start working on the better YOU today!

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Leah x